Just like the Police and Judiciary, the Prisons establishment is also an important and useful part of our criminal justice system. Prisons have an important and useful role to play in establishing the rule of law and maintaining peace and order in the society.The physical and practical shape of prisons, as well as their objectives and expectations from them, have kept changing as a result of evolution, development and changes in the society.

The Prison system is a useful and significant component of the criminal justice system, just like the Police and the Judiciary. Prisons play an important role in maintaining balance in society by helping establish peace and rule of law. As a result of the development of civilization and social change, the physical and functional nature, expectations and objectives of prisons are also evolving. The main objective of the Prison system is to ensure secure detention of prisoners, help in their rehabilitation and integration into the mainstream of society, and to ensure that do not turn towards crime after their release, by providing them moral education and vocational training so as to minimize the sense of guilt and the mentality of crime in their minds.

Thus, while on one hand the security system for secure detention of prisoners is being strengthened and communication systems are being developed, on the other hand several multi-dimensional and progressive programmes for reform and rehabilitation of prisoners are being conducted. Under the present welfare policy of the Government, active measures are being taken for comprehensive health examination and treatment of prisoners, sanitation, supply of clean drinking water, training in practical work, education, special arrangement for women prisoners and improvement in the quality of life for their children aged below six years. With the aim to highlight prisoners’ reform in the activity of the Department, its name has been changed at the Government level from Home (Prisons) to ‘Prison Administration and Reform’ and at the department level it has been changed from Department of Prisons to ‘Prison Administration and Reform Services.’

  • Secure detention of prisoners in jails
  • Prisoners’ reform, education, vocational training and rehabilitation
  • Protection of human rights of prisoners
  • Improvement in diet and lifestyle of prisoners
  • Strengthening the medical and health facilities for prisoners
  • Strengthening the Prison Security System
  • Construction of district jails and construction / renovation of barracks
  • Organizing Lok Adalat and providing free legal aids to prisoners
  • Improvement in medical facilities
  • Modernization of kitchens in jails
  • Providing vocational training to prisoners and increase in their honorarium
  • Construction of safe meeting house
  • Strengthening of security and communications system of prisoners
  • Literacy campaigns in jails
  • Computer training for prisoners in jails